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Heart Full of Hope

Updated: Jan 1

There is nothing quite like closing out the year with a heart so full of hope and eagerness for what's to come.  I started off the year not knowing I was expecting a baby, and I am now ending it with a healthy three month old son (soon to be four months)! There are moments when I can't believe all that has happened in the past few years. How is this my life!?

Truthfully, I thought 2022 was my magical year; after all, that's when I married the man of my dreams after believing I would never see him again. However, 2023 has not disappointed in the least. After months of carrying and growing my beautiful baby boy, he blessed us with his arrival in early September. Being pregnant was special, but having him, holding him, hearing his breathing, heartbeat, and of course those first smiles, that has been the best part of it all. His smiles bring tears to my eyes, he's just the most precious blessing. As the year reaches an end, I wonder how 2024 could possibly be any more special? Then I remember, this year will be full of firsts. First words, first foods, first laughs, first steps. Interesting how a tiny step can mean so much for a little one and those around him.

It reminds me that we should all acknowledge all the steps, no matter how small or itty bitty, that we've taken in the past year. Steps toward a healthier diet, steps toward a new dream, steps toward setting boundaries, steps toward meeting our mental health needs, steps toward kindness to others and ourselves. If we were to celebrate all of our small steps taken throughout the year, we would have a lot to celebrate.

I think this year, as things close and the promise of new beginnings abound, reflect on all the good you've done, tried to do and are determined to continue in the new year.

As for me, I think 2024 will be a special year, because I am deciding to make it a special year. A year of showing my son you are never too old to pursue the things that make you happy, a year of being silly with him and most importantly, a year of spreading love and smiles to as many people as we can.

At the closing of each year I usually find myself in happy spirits and I am thankful this year is no different. I will say the joy in me has skyrocketed, and my hope and wonder feel ready to burst many times throughout the day. I am taking advantage of this positive energy and thrusting it full force into 2024. Here's to seeing more of me in your inbox for 2024. <3

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